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  1. alwathaf


    HI, i am a student in Morocco. Recently, i am studying femwater of GMS, but the tutfiles only give me the flow example of femwater in case Steady State only , i want to know how to apply it in flow example in case Transient solution , i want another example about flow in Transient . Moreover, I want to meet someone who is good at the sofeware as my teacher, thank you! my mail is alwathaf@hotmail.com. Thirsting for communicating with you and your example
  2. alwathaf


    please help me i have probleme with transient solution of the flow model by FEMWATER please i want know the method of working for transient solution in FEMWATER please hlep meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. alwathaf


    hi im student in master hydroinformatique and i have memoire in modeling the flow water in aquifer by femater and i want help I want to know the etapts to simulation regiem transtoire in FEMWATER alwathaf yahia
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