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  1. I need some clarification regarding the correct implementation of floating docks in CGWAVE. I reviewed the available CGWAVE papers and manuals in regard to implementation of floating structures. The 1998 CGWAVE manual (cgwave_man3.pdf) describes implementation of the floating barriers by using Material 3 and adjusting the depth, which I assume is no longer correct for the latest version of SMS CGWAVE. The paper by Li et al. (2005) describes the method to approximate floating docks by adjusting the depths and applying a correction factor (alpha). The SMS:CGWAVE Wiki describes the process as follows: "For incorporating docks, the actual “without-dock” water depth is originally specified while generating the grid; areas covering the docks must then be highlighted, and a draft and coefficient, selected from Fig. 2 (Li et al. 2005) or Table 1, must then be specified for these areas." The draft and correction coefficient are specified under the "materials" menu. My question is: does the interface adjust the depths automatically for these areas? From reading the Wiki, I would assume that the depth adjustment is made automatically by the model and no manual adjustment of depth is required (as done by Li et al). Also, why is the floating barrier option still available for the boundary conditions? When is this used? Thanks, Matt
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