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    PEST Jacobian Calculation

    PEST has the ability to calculate the Jacobian once and use the same Jacobian for subsequent parameter estimation for faster simulations, but less-accurate results. This is a request for an option within GMS to run PEST with only a single Jacobian Calculation, but for more than one run. This should enable large calibration projects to be much more efficient where accuracy is relatively less important due to the size of the project.
  2. When exporting a 3D grid to a shapefile, include the option to export active cells only or all cells.
  3. Tom Moreland

    Meshing Engine

    If you are using "Paving" (not Scalar Paving Density), then the element sizes are controlled by the vertex spacing on the arcs and any refine points. You're welcome to post your .map file or send it to support@aquaveo.com. We can then take a better look to see what is happening.
  4. Tom Moreland

    Errors in SFR2 when importing MODFLOW model

    It's hard to say exactly what the issue could be without examining your project files. I will have someone from our tech support staff contact you via email and arrange to send your project files.
  5. Tom Moreland

    Change PSLAVE directory

    When running PEST in parallel, it would be good if you could specify where the PSLAVE directories are saved to. In cases of large projects, it would allow the ability to save the files to a different drive to avoid crashing due to lack of room on the C drive.
  6. Tom Moreland

    Angle of Nodestring and Flow Direction

    Thank you for your question. It sounds like there could be some confusion due to multiple "directions" associated with a nodestring. 1. Nodestrings have a direction as part of their attributes. This direction is identified by two arrows--one on each end of the nodestring. This direction is typically utilized when computing flow across a cross section. 2. Some Nodestring Boundary Conditions can have a direction assigned to them. For a flowrate boundary condition with a specified direction, the direction is normally measured in degrees counter-clockwise from the positive X-Axis. You mentioned that you are using Hydro_AS-2D. Which boundary condition type are you using?
  7. Tom Moreland

    ArcObjects® in SMS

    ArcObjects® is a development platform provided by ESRI that incorporates ArcView/ArcGIS® capability directly within SMS, provided that SMS is running on a computer that has a current license of ArcGIS®. ArcObjects® is a feature that is being considered for removal from SMS in future versions, but we would like to first get feedback from the SMS community. Please let us know your thoughts.
  8. Tom Moreland

    ArcObjects® in WMS

    ArcObjects® is a development platform provided by ESRI that incorporates ArcView/ArcGIS® capability directly within WMS, provided that WMS is running on a computer that has a current license of ArcGIS®. ArcObjects® is a feature that is being considered for removal from WMS in future versions, but we would like to first get feedback from the WMS community. Please let us know your thoughts.
  9. Tom Moreland

    ArcObjects® in GMS

    ArcObjects® is a development platform provided by ESRI that incorporates ArcView/ArcGIS® capability directly within GMS, provided that GMS is running on a computer that has a current license of ArcGIS®. ArcObjects® is a feature that is being considered for removal from GMS in future versions, but we would like to first get feedback from the GMS community. Please let us know your thoughts.
  10. Tom Moreland

    New Computer for GMS

    When configuring a new computer, one of the most important components is memory--be sure the amount of RAM is sufficient for the type of models you're working with. It's easy to gauge how much RAM GMS uses by watching the Windows task manager. The faster the CPU, the better GMS will perform. There are only a few features/utilities in GMS designed to run in parallel. So, a faster quad core processor may be better than a more expensive 6-core processor. For graphics cards, we generally recommend discrete graphics and nVidia branded cards. A mid-range "gaming" card works well for GMS. There aren't additional benefits (for GMS) of going from a GeForce to a Quadro card, as Quadro cards have specific features for certain software programs like ESRI ArcGIS or AutoCAD. For storage, there are some speed advantages to using SSD drives over traditional spinning hard drives.
  11. Export points at certain time intervals along MODPATH pathlines.
  12. Tom Moreland


    There are several possible explanations as for why the fort.63 and fort.64 files are not being created by ADCIRC. Double-check that the output parameters have been enabled in the ADCIRC model control dialog. You are also welcome to send your ADCIRC input files to support@aquaveo.com and we can troubleshoot further.
  13. Tom Moreland

    model velocity vectors using an arcline

    1. This is easy to do in SMS. In the map module, create arcs where you'd like to have vectors displayed. In the vector display options, set the display of vectors to "on a coverage" and select the appropriate coverage. 2. If you have multiple observed vector data points, you should be able to import them into an observation coverage and merge coverages if needed. Feel free to send your files to support@aquaveo.com and we can investigate further.
  14. Tom Moreland

    GMS 10 Cant Connect To Hardware Lock

    Please contact us at support@aquaveo.com or 801-691-5528 so that we may work with you on troubleshooting your hardware lock issue.
  15. Tom Moreland

    Import of .asc file format

    Ian, Thank you for the helpful feedback. We will investigate and address the issue in SMS.
  16. Tom Moreland

    Distributed Processing

    Jeff, That is a great idea, but SMS does not have capabilities to manages distributed computing for the numerical models. Some of the models in SMS can run in parallel, but they are designed to work on multiple processors/cores on a single machine.
  17. Tom Moreland

    Reprojection with Version 11.1

    Karl, Thank you for the feedback. It is still possible to convert between two projections, but the method has changed a bit. Our goal is to expand capabilities and to make working with projections more intuitive. Each object in the project explorer has its own native projection. This projection can be accessed through the right-click menu on the object. The display projection, accessed in the Display menu, controls the projection that all objects will be drawn to in the graphics window. We call this system "project-on-the-fly." This allows the underlying data of each object to remain in its native projection and allow all objects to be drawn to a single unifying projection in the graphics window. When coordinate conversion is needed (converting the native projection to a new projection), this can be performed through the right-click menu of the object and selecting Reproject... The Reproject All command in the Display menu converts the native projection of all objects to a single specified projection.
  18. Tom Moreland

    Unable to Start...fst2dh332.exe

    As Cameron mentioned, you can try checking for spaces or special characters in the project name. But the error message seems to indicate that the FESWMS program never starts. Another thing to check is that the file location for FESWMS has been specified in the Edit | Preferences dialog. A potential cause could be related to file/directory permissions. You could try copying the FST2DH executable to your model directory, resetting the model location in Edit | Preferences, and then running again. You are also welcome to contact technical support directly and we can troubleshoot further with your files. http://aquaveo.com/technical-support
  19. Tom Moreland

    Map File Issues

    Would you mind sending us a sample .map file that causes SMS to crash? I've created a .map file with some NaN elevation values. SMS still reads the .map file, but points/vertices with NaN values are simply skipped over. Files can be emailed to support@aquaveo.com
  20. Tom Moreland

    Map File Issues

    Ian, Thank you for pointing out this issue and I will get it reported to the SMS development team. When NaN values are encountered, the program should report an error message.
  21. Tom Moreland

    RMA4 - 1D Flow Control Structures

    1D control structures should work with RMA4. If you would be willing to send us your project files, we could look into this some more. Please contact us directly at support@aquaveo.com
  22. Tom Moreland

    RMA2 Hotstart file not recognized

    If the boundary conditions are the only change from the first run to the second run, then a re-run of GFGEN would not be necessary. Re-running GFGEN would likely make the model incompatible with the hotstart file. Please send your files to technical support and we'd be happy to troubleshoot the problem for you. http://www.aquaveo.com/technical-support
  23. Tom Moreland

    Extract Elevation from fort.63

    The can be done using the observation coverage. Create a feature point in the coverage and edit the attributes. Then go to Display | Plot Wizard and select Time Series. Select the desired dataset(s) and a plot will be created. The values in the plot can be easily exported to another program such as Excel if needed.
  24. Tom Moreland

    Creating .pts file

    Points and raster data can be converted to scattered data in SMS. With the scatter set, you can extract a contour as a starting point for the coastline. What file format is the DEM file?
  25. Tom Moreland

    Combining points and raster into a scatter set/TIN

    GeoTIFF files can be imported into SMS as rasters or scatter sets. If you're not dealing with a very large number of points, the easiest route would be to import as scatter sets and then merge into a single scatter set.