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  1. Ian, Thank you for the helpful feedback. We will investigate and address the issue in SMS.
  2. Jeff, That is a great idea, but SMS does not have capabilities to manages distributed computing for the numerical models. Some of the models in SMS can run in parallel, but they are designed to work on multiple processors/cores on a single machine.
  3. Karl, Thank you for the feedback. It is still possible to convert between two projections, but the method has changed a bit. Our goal is to expand capabilities and to make working with projections more intuitive. Each object in the project explorer has its own native projection. This projection can be accessed through the right-click menu on the object. The display projection, accessed in the Display menu, controls the projection that all objects will be drawn to in the graphics window. We call this system "project-on-the-fly." This allows the underlying data of each object to remain in its na
  4. As Cameron mentioned, you can try checking for spaces or special characters in the project name. But the error message seems to indicate that the FESWMS program never starts. Another thing to check is that the file location for FESWMS has been specified in the Edit | Preferences dialog. A potential cause could be related to file/directory permissions. You could try copying the FST2DH executable to your model directory, resetting the model location in Edit | Preferences, and then running again. You are also welcome to contact technical support directly and we can troubleshoot further with your
  5. Would you mind sending us a sample .map file that causes SMS to crash? I've created a .map file with some NaN elevation values. SMS still reads the .map file, but points/vertices with NaN values are simply skipped over. Files can be emailed to support@aquaveo.com
  6. Ian, Thank you for pointing out this issue and I will get it reported to the SMS development team. When NaN values are encountered, the program should report an error message.
  7. Export points at certain time intervals along MODPATH pathlines.
  8. 1D control structures should work with RMA4. If you would be willing to send us your project files, we could look into this some more. Please contact us directly at support@aquaveo.com
  9. If the boundary conditions are the only change from the first run to the second run, then a re-run of GFGEN would not be necessary. Re-running GFGEN would likely make the model incompatible with the hotstart file. Please send your files to technical support and we'd be happy to troubleshoot the problem for you. http://www.aquaveo.com/technical-support
  10. The can be done using the observation coverage. Create a feature point in the coverage and edit the attributes. Then go to Display | Plot Wizard and select Time Series. Select the desired dataset(s) and a plot will be created. The values in the plot can be easily exported to another program such as Excel if needed.
  11. Points and raster data can be converted to scattered data in SMS. With the scatter set, you can extract a contour as a starting point for the coastline. What file format is the DEM file?
  12. GeoTIFF files can be imported into SMS as rasters or scatter sets. If you're not dealing with a very large number of points, the easiest route would be to import as scatter sets and then merge into a single scatter set.
  13. SMS requires recording stations to be located at node locations. The "Create Observation Station" menu item will be active after selecting a node.
  14. When exporting a 3D grid to a shapefile, include the option to export active cells only or all cells.
  15. There are several methods for exporting data. I'm not sure which specific formats will work for Surfer, but the most generic format is a delimited text file, similar to data exported from a spreadsheet program. I believe Surfer can read this format. To export to this format from SMS, select File | Save As and select "Tabular Data Files (*.txt)" as the file type. You will then be prompted to specify the number of columns and select datasets.
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