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  1. sherwood

    TR-55 Rainfall Distributions

    Ok, yeah not the answer that I was hoping for but I will survive, thank you Chris.
  2. Another TR-55 question, I am wondering if there is a way to enter a custom Rainfall Distribution. What I would like to do is use an updated distribution CA-1 (to replace the 1A distribution)which was developed to better represent the climate in Coastal Northern California. I have the data in tabular format. Thanks, Sherwood
  3. sherwood

    TR-55 Output hydrographs

    Hello- I am wondering why hydrographs calculated using TR-55 return only 22 hours (1320 minutes) of flow data when we are evaluating a 24 hour rainstorm event. Why are the last two hours omitted? Thanks, Sherwood
  4. sherwood

    Detention Basin Calculator Riser Vs Standpipe

    Thanks Eric, the figure is very helpful for understanding the different options.
  5. Hello- I am using the detention basin calculator to evaluate the effects of small detention ponds to help reduce increases in peak flows. I am hoping to understand the difference between the Circular Riser and Standpipe options in the "Define outflow Discharges" dialog. It seems to me that a circular riser is the same as a circular standpipe, Is this correct? Could someone point me to a reference or explain the difference between the two? Thanks Mike