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  1. But it still will not write when only using the steering module. I can just run the steering module until I get the solution, then run RMA2 with the last hotstart file to get the nodal listing output file.
  2. I think I figured it out. The IBUP column in the $L card needs to be 1 (or not zero) so that it uses the .bc file to run RMA2. And the ISPRT column needs to be 1 (or not zero) so the nodal summary listing (fort.59) can be written.
  3. I can get RMA2 to write a nodal listing file (fort.59) using the TRN and TR cards when I cold start. But when I use a hotstart or the steering module, the fort.59 will not be written. What is the best solution for this? Thanks. I'm using SMS 10.0. Doug
  4. Great! I assume BLT works the same way by material type as BLE does by element number?
  5. I would like to start RMA4 with initial concentrations whose values are not the same everywhere on the mesh. Is there a way to edit the mesh (I assume edit the IC card somehow) so that initial concentrations can be selectively input by node, element, or material? I am using SMS 10.0.
  6. Where does one find the LeProvost tidal constituent database? I am currently using SMS 9.2 and I have not been able to find the table.
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