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    I want to know where can I find the dialog in which I can set time requirements, duration of modelling, etc. I also can´t find the way to imput a certain wind speed and duration so that I can run stwave and study the wave generated by wind. I´ve read tutorials but I can´t find it. thanks!
  2. Hello, I´m a new SMS/STWAVE user and I´m facing several problems to start my work. Probably their are basic problems but I don´t know how to go on. The main objective of my work is to define wave hights at a western coastline, generated by winds blowing from multiple directions. First, I have 2 .cst files (Eastern coastline and western coastline), and second I have a .xyz file, full of bathymetry points. I have opened all of them. My problem is that I need to create a grid in order to run stwave, but I don´t know which sequency of actions should I do in order to define the grid frame, and then to interpolate the scattered points in order to have the depth values at each element of the grid. I´ve tried different things, but I don´t understand why do I get different depth values for land elements. I think that land elements should all have negative values, shouldn´t they? I hope someone can help me with this, thanks.
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