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  1. I have a problem when I tried to add a bridge in WMS (cross section) and import to HEC-RAS. I know how to add bridge in Hec-Ras, but I prefer to do it with WMS, and export all geometry. Do you have any explanation or tutorial for this case. I mean how to add bridge or culvert in WMS. I checked the WMS documents but I couldn’t find anything. Thanks.
  2. Hi! My name is Nicolas and now I have problems with CMS-WAVE for generate the nesting file for the second grid. Also I can't open the result wave file into the grid with all the cases, I have only the possibility of see two cases. I don't know if this is a problenm with version of sms 9.2 or if I do some configuration mistake. Usually I use the stwave model. Thanks!
  3. Hello! I´ll want extract a river profile and export that to distance/elevation file (.txt,.xls,...or similar) Is it possible to do this directly with WMS? Thanks
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