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  1. Moose,I would recommend looking through the HEC-RAS user's manual in the unsteady flow section. It has a lot of troubleshooting suggestions which are too numerous to list here. I've never seen this particular problem before, so it's hard to tell without looking at your project files. You might try running the model in HEC-RAS 4.0 release (not beta) to see if that fixes anything. You also want to make sure the "Unsteady Flow Simulation" toggle is turned on in the unsteady flow analysis window. If neither of these work, I would go through and make sure you aren't missing anything in your unsteady flow inputs.I hope this helps.Clark ----------------------------- Hello, I have the same problem like Moose. I set up a model and entered the unsteady flow data into HEC RAS 4.1.0. When I click compute the geometry processor runs smooth with no errors and then the analysis stops without initiating the unsteady flow simulation. There is no indication or output with errors explaining the problem as to why. What is wrong with my model? I was study the HEC-RAS manual, but no results. I was tried differently combinations of input data, but it's still wrong. Can you help me? Do you have some videoclips of the procedure and examples or detailed PDF manual with pictures? Thanks Steve
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