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  1. Hi Marcus! This is Javi from Spain, Do you remember me from the last trainig course in Orlando! You will want to make sure that HEC-RAS is open and running on your machine when you read the solution into WMS 8.0. I did it. It is also good to have the HEC-RAS project open inside of HEC-RAS. What version of HEC-RAS are you running? I tried with HEC-RAS 3.1.1 and even i install HEC-RAS 4.0, just to try, and happen the same What is the build date on WMS 8.0 (Help | About menu command)? Oct 15 2007 Greatins for Rusty. Hope to see you guys soon in another course.
  2. Hi! Im working with WMS8.0 and HEC-RAS, and when i tried to read the HEC_RAS solution apear a window in the screen that says: "Did not create the RAS server, is HEC RAS loaded on your machine?." I dont know why it happen because I install HEC RAS in my computer, even i open it. Could anyone help me. Thanks. Javi
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