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  1. What do others think of that feature request- I think this would be very helpful in complex 3D-models and I don't think doing this in a different software like ArcHydro helps, especially when you got all your data (boreholes, structural model, 3D-Grid, MT3D-solution...) in GMS! Why transfer all that data into a different program? It should not be that difficult to integrate by the way, everything else is 3D-viewable and all you need is the Z-coordinates of the bitmap...
  2. And when will GMS support MODFLOW-USG and/or MODFLOW-LGR?
  3. Is it a new build, or is it just the old one from 21Dec2011?
  4. Have you heard something when this version (MODFLOW-USG) is going to be released officially? There where a lot of talks about it at the MODFLOW&MORE2011 conference, but I heard no release date...
  5. Hello Sean, definitely No - LGR is something completely different. Redistributing rows and columns is "global" grid refinement and not lokal. In LGR you have (multiple) fine grids in your global grid without having to refine the outer part. I like the redistribution function in GMS 8.0 also and this was a feature request I mentioned years ago, because e. g. VisualModflow had this feature for 15 year already and I thought this should not be to difficult to programm...
  6. Good feature request - I have often longed for this option also
  7. This is a priority #1 enhancement in my concern
  8. A very good idea - instead of having to use the old Femwater code (with the few boundary options available), creating and running FEFLOW-models out of GMS (with the apropriate Map-Modules/-Coverages) would be great
  9. In GMS 8.0 the Cell Faces option was merged together with the contour options (=Block Fill) - therefore you can not display two different parameters any more with cell faces AND layer contours as you could do before. This was one of the major advantages for GMS compared to other groundwater modeling software and is lost now - being able to diplay e. g. Cell Faces (or block fill) for hydraulic conductivity AND displaying groundwater head as linear contours is essential for calibration and has to be enabled again. At the moment there is still an option to turn on "Cell faces" in 8.0, but you can not do more like choosing the (from contours independent) display parameter - for what is it used now?
  10. It would be very nice to have the option to be able to integrate existing cross-sections (e.g. with boreholes and hydro-stratigraphy) as vertikal georefferenced images into GMS and be able to compare it with GMS layer properties, stratigraphy, boreholes, results etc.
  11. It would be a great enhancement if a visualisation for the computed flow budget was integrated into GMS: - e. g. bubbles of different size (controlled by size of computed flux with the option to choose between linear and logarithmic scale) for every cell and different colours for in and out flux (colour option: choosen colors or from color ramp) - option to choose for the above visualisation for actual layer or for all layers (3D-sum)
  12. it would be very helpful for working with the DRT-package if some support was added in the MAP-module - at the moment when you map the DRT-package to MODFLOW the returned flow is automatically maped to the same cell where the flow is coming from - this does not make sense in 99% of the cases. Instead I would integrate the DRT-package in the following way: a "return-ID" and a "return drain = True/False" could be invented in the map module like flow from drain-arc/drain-node/drain-polygon with ID #5 where "return drain = 'False" is returned to drain-arcs/drain-nodes/drain-polygons with ID #5 where "return drain = True" with e.g. 20% to the one arc/node/polygon and 80% to the other arc/node/polygon. The percentage could be managed with the existing Rfprop-value in the map module.
  13. Good feature request - I have asked for this some years ago, also
  14. To have the option of Local Grid Refinement (MODFLOW-LGR) would be a real big improvement for GMS.
  15. For transport simulations an areal property in the map coverages for the ICBUND (active/inactive transport region) would be very helpful. At the moment you can only set it in the MT3D 3D-Grid Cell properties what is very time consuming and also error-prone in multi-layer models.
  16. For transient models it is necessary to have the option turning the Auto-computation of the pathlines off - with long transient models you can spend hours watching GMS computing pathlines you did not want... It is OK waiting an hour for pathlines you want to have, but not for those you do not want... When this option exists, it is also of course necessary to have a button/menue option like "compute pathlines"
  17. It would be very helpful being able to have a fourth pathline color option [or instead of "Starting code" and "Ending code"] - the color option Color by "Layer" or instead Color by "Zone code". This would make visualization of 3D-pathlines in Multi-Layer models much more easier!
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