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  1. I will be a very helpful feature enhancement when using the DRT-Package to be able to select the Return-Points, Return-Arcs or Return-Polygons in the Map Coverage. At the moment one has to do that Cell based in the Modflow Menu and repeat this again everytime something is changed and mapped at the DRT-Coverage
  2. One major feature of MOFLOW-USG - besides the horizontal local refinement - is the possibility of being able to split cells vertically instead of splitting complete layers. At the moment, you can only split complete layers vertically, but it will be very helpful, being able to split only selected cells vertically, no matter in which layer you are. Being able to create a conceptual model, where you can create such a model (e. g. vertical and/or horizontal refinement around a well, vertical and/or horizontal refinement along selected boundaries like rivers etc.) automatically will be very helpful, also.
  3. This will be a helpful feature, as this is sometimes the case at our site also. Also to be able to generate Map polygons from other model features, like conductivity, recharge, etc. and to be able to create river, stream boundaries etc. from the model data in the Map coverages will be helpful.
  4. It's a bug I noticed in GMS 10.4.5 many times
  5. I am missing it also. It is unfortunately due to cost cuts of Aquaveo. Being able, to add own WMS-services with an adapted advanced button was still very helpful!!!
  6. Any updates on the Integration of that feature request?
  7. Yes, this is a bug, that exists unfortuantely since 10.3.6 !
  8. This is a good idea and support this feature request - it will be helpful!
  9. This will be very helpful - I have required this also quite a lot of times...I hope it comes soon
  10. GMS could report the cell id or cell IJK value where the particle was created in the pathline report instead - this will be an even more standardized approach
  11. The newly released MT3D-USGS integrate a lot of very helpful features for solvant transport and therefor it will be great, when it can be integrated into GMS quite quickly... See: http://water.usgs.gov/ogw/mt3d-usgs/
  12. As 3.5 years have past, can you give an update on the integration of this "overdue enhancement"
  13. Is there a plan to get the Database Access (Access-Database, MS SQLServer Database, PostgreSQL database .... - Import and Export!) back into GMS for both 64bit and 32bit-Versions in principle and if yes, when? :-)
  14. Sometimes we work with SRTM data as DEM for regional Groundwater models and these Datasets are very large (converting them to Scatter Points creates 36,000,000 points each). As these SRTM data have sometimes errors, we have to change some Z-values, delete points and add other points or calculate the z-values. All this is only possible with scatter data and not with raster.
  15. In my mind, it will be very helpful, to get the old Arc/Info Grid (*.asc Data) Import function of GMS 6 back into GMS 10.x as it was very helpful with using the SRTM-Data as DEM. As these are datsets with a lot of data, converting them to Scatterdata for use in GMS (e. g. calculations) is not possible, as it creates millions of data points that are not easy to use. With the old 6.0 import functions you could choose the region you wanted and therefor reduced the imported scatter point a lot!!!
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