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    Specific yield

    Hey Bill, thanks. I get that, BUT the problem I have trouble understanding is that by my logic, the higher the number (i.e.: efective porosity) the FASTER you can drain the aquifer, right? But...when one inputs the number 0.05 (5%) in comparisson to 0.15 (15%) for Sy (open aquifer) in transient model you get that drainage is a lot faster with the 5%....drawdown is a lot faster in 5% that in 15%....and that i don't understand if it's correct. Thanks, m
  2. matevz

    Specific yield

    Hi all, I cant find an explanation on what is the unit that is used in specific yield filed in GMS. Is it the percentage (0-1) or soemthing else. I find getting strange result as the water gets drained faster when Sy is 0.04 in comparisson to where Sy = 0.15. Does anyone has any idea regarding that?
  3. matevz

    Ranny well

    Hi all, what would be the best way to simulate Ranny well? Well with horizontal MNW2 wells or series of well in circular pattern with proportional flow? Open to ideas? m
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