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  1. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can explain (or point me in the direction of an explanation) the difference in loss calculation in Tuflow, between using the IL/CL hydrologic losses in an SMS materials file and using the unsupported (unsupported in SMS) soils file feature of Tuflow? I've read that the IL/CL hydrologic losses that are input into the SMS materials file are extracted from rainfall to simulate canopy interception, and that these losses are generally used for rainfall. However they still occur when I put in a hydrograph instead of rainfall. I have also read that the losses in the Tuflow soils files are taken from ponded water in the cell. Cheers
  2. Hi Tom, I've updated my SMS to v11.1. I just thought that i would let you know that the batch run doesnt seem to be working on my or my colleagues computer. It comes up with the 'Run TUFLOW' window, where it states 'click on bar' (of which there was none), there was also an exit button on the bottom right. I waited and there wasnt any action, I've tried this multiple times. Cheers
  3. Thanks Tom, I have TUFLOW and SMS v11.1. My problem is that I have three inflow bc's and want to find the peak of the peaks of the 100yr at my point of interest. Currently I need to enter each event duration combination as a new boundary condition. For example: bc 1 100yr_9hr_9hr_9hr = 9hr/inflow 1, 9hr/inflow 2, 9hr/inflow 3 :bc 2 100yr_9hr_9hr_12hr = 9hr/inflow 1, 9hr/inflow 2, 12hr/inflow 3: bc 3 100yr_9hr_12hr_9hr = 9hr/inflow 1, 12hr/inflow 2, 9hr/inflow 3......etc Effectively I am inputting the same boundary conditions multiple times in different combinations. This can become very time consuming when there are more than 2 inflows and multiple durations. Is there a way of running multiple combinations of boundary conditions in SMS? If not would like to suggest that it is incorporated into future versions. Cheers
  4. Hi, I am wondering if SMS can multiple boundary conditions in the same simulation?
  5. Thanks Tom. Is there an update that I can get for this? I understand that I can write out a batch run list in TUFLOW. Cheers
  6. Hi, In the SMS user manual under Batch Runs (v11.1 page, 799) it states 'A batch run is initiated by right clicking the TUFLOW simulations folder and choosing "Batch Run" '. However the only option that appears when I right click on the TUFLOW simulations folder is "New Simulation" ? I am using a hardware locked version of SMS 11.0. Cheers
  7. Yes the original question was resolved thankyou!
  8. Hi, I am a newbie to SMS and am having difficulty reading TUFLOW results files. Upon opening .xmdf files the following error appears: No mesh/grid/scatter/particle set matches the scalar dataset(s). Unable to read scalar dataset(s). I am sure that there is some fundamental that I am doing incorrectly, however I am unsure what it is? Cheers Sam
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