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  1. Dear Chris, thank you very much. Yes, the HMET file was incorrect. I think I have solved that problem. However, I would like to ask another question. It seems to me that it is not allowed to have nodata values in precipitation data. I have data from multiple stations but these are incomplete. Hence, I thought that the precipitation will be interpolated at each time step from available data. This would of course increase a lot demands on the computational capacity. Could you please provide me an information about it? Kind regards, Vaclav
  2. Hello everybody, I'm trying to run long-term simulation but it falls down very quickly. I suppose that the problem can be in my precipitation data file (.gag) as the last message concerns the precipitation data. Is there anyone who could confirm that to me? I attach the printscreen. The .gag file can be found at /data/files/osobni%20stranky/Vaclav%20David/model_data20180222_6_cont_prec.gag THanx in advance for any advice. Vaclav David
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