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  1. I am using CGWave to simulate a regular with propagation on the slope (1:3). The incident wave period is 2.0s and the wave height is 1.0m. The domain is 100m in x direction and 200m in y direction. There are 16 meshes in one wave length. For the results ( the horizontal centre cross line ) I found the wave height oscillated. The wave height changes periodically to the shore line. Pls tell me whether this is the CGWave problem or my setting problem. The reflection coefficient of the coast line is set to 0.0 . The setting of the simulation can be downloaded at : https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B2YFUBanwCqaNzAyMjc2ZWQtNzlmYi00NGZjLTg0OWYtYTdkMThjZjQ4NDll&hl=en. Thanks. Simulation domain : Simulation domain water depth : water depth wave height (simulation results: why wave height variation??) wave height
  2. Hi everyone: I am tried to run a benchmark case using CGwave, by defining a circular domain. The sms version is 10.1. However, I can't define cirular domain in sms 10.1. 1. When I select a arc and use-> Feature Objects -> define domain. The circular option is gray. 2. When I tried to select one feature vertex, and click Feature Objects -> define domain. There always a error coming out "sms 10.1 has stopped working". I konw in sms 8.1 we can use this method to define the circular domain. But why sms 10.1 can not use? My operation system is windows 7. I also tried to run in windows xp compatibiliaty model. This problem also exist. Does anyone have this problem? Regards
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