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  1. I try to save output wave radiation stress from STWAVE to drive an ADCIRC model. Could you please tell me if the wave radiation stress input file to drive ADCIRC could be the output from STWAVE ? If yes, how can I save the radiation stress file from STWAVE to get the right format as input in ADCIRC ? Moreover, How can I adjust the time step in STWAVE to get the wave radiation stress in a right format to drive ADCIRC ? Thanks Nic
  2. Is it possible to calculate current induced by waves directly in CGWAVE or STWAVE ? If not, could I convert and export the STWAVE output directly into ADCIRC to calculate wave current ? My concern is only the calculation of wave-current and not current induced by tides ! Thanks Nic
  3. Is it possible using STWAVE or CGWAVE to get output of wave-current and appropriated vectors direction ? Is the wave-current interaction is in development with CGWAVE ? Is the only possibility to calculate wave-current with SMS package is to use ADCIRC or BOUSS 2D ? Thank you ! Nic
  4. Thanks Erik ! Yes I had a response from Tom via email !
  5. Hi I am unable to specify the cell attribute of my STWAVE grid to avoid computing on the land part. How to specify the land and the ocean cells using STWAVE ? I do not start with an ADCIRC mesh, so the tutorial is not useful. For the moment, I incorporate the XYZ data of the coastline into my bathymetric data and I specify an elevation of -90 to represent the land element. This model setup leads to an appropriate solution with wave heights equal to zero on the land part but the problem is that the model is still computing on the land part. What is the equivalent of the coastline (.cst) used in CGWAVE that could be used in STWAVE. As you probably know, to build land and ocean polygons following the STWAVE tutorial steps does not work at all if you do not start with and ADCIRC mesh. There is probably an other way to build the model and use a coastline that could block wave propagation on the land part ?? Thanks for your collaboration !
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