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  1. Are the values the pontential in X and Y?
  2. Hi , I'm trying to generate a program in Matlab to calculate the all parameters of the wave lineal theory ( particles´s velocity , pressures, etc in different depths ) with CGWave solution. my problem is knowing that one row of the file means that stress in red below: 12 CGWAVE Model 139596 276996 12 35 487 500000 1 10 1 3 1 1 0 0 0 69 0.99964E-03 0.00000E+00 10 0.50 10.00 300.00000 0.00 0.12 0.15 0.1000E-02 0.1000E-03 0.5116E+06 0.4706E+07 0.2924E+00 Is this the position of any node with the depht? -0.74913E+00 0.52630E-01 -0.74461E+00 0.44924E+00 -0.45169E+00 0.74612E+00 -0.21278E-01 0.86251E+00 0.40993E+00 0.76007E+00 0.72219E+00 0.46555E+00 0.83195E+00 0.60583E-01 0.71169E+00 -0.34069E+00 0.39989E+00 -0.62427E+00 -0.92821E-02 -0.71307E+00 -0.39903E+00 -0.59189E+00 -0.66701E+00 -0.30522E+00 -0.75045E+00 0.62341E-01 -0.63802E+00 0.41090E+00 -0.36946E+00 0.65079E+00 -0.23032E-01 0.72511E+00 0.30686E+00 0.62324E+00 0.53746E+00 0.38073E+00 0.61669E+00 0.66137E-01 0.53442E+00 -0.23843E+00 0.32580E+00 -0.45886E+00 0.54031E-01 -0.55424E+00 -0.22442E+00 -0.51976E+00 -0.45635E+00 -0.36944E+00 -0.58854E+00 -0.13752E+00 -0.59472E+00 0.12578E+00 -0.47343E+00 0.36765E+00 -0.24853E+00 0.53248E+00 0.26912E-01 0.57926E+00 0.28440E+00 0.50061E+00 0.46898E+00 0.32208E+00 0.54608E+00 0.90904E-01 0.51078E+00 -0.14646E+00 0.37289E+00 -0.34956E+00 0.15776E+00 -0.47910E+00 -0.77379E-01 -0.50175E+00 -0.27378E+00 -0.42307E+00 -0.39950E+00 -0.27352E+00 -0.44464E+00 -0.88233E-01 -0.41320E+00 0.97934E-01 -0.32146E+00 0.25526E+00 -0.19355E+00 0.36458E+00 -0.54110E-01 0.41786E+00 0.85970E-01 0.42359E+00 0.21552E+00 0.38583E+00 0.32162E+00 0.30850E+00 0.39444E+00 0.19758E+00 0.42845E+00 0.64961E-01 0.42273E+00 -0.73852E-01 0.37967E+00 -0.20493E+00 0.30394E+00 -0.31670E+00 I suppose the results are the potential in x at each node of the mesh, but each pair is written in horizontal or vertical?
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