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  1. Hi, When a “NEGATIVE DEPTH WARNING: For entire mesh” appears, I have to move the Marsh porosity parameters? someone in particular? I`m using the following parameters: AC1=1.8, AC2=1.2, AC3=0.02 and AC4=-0.9, My highest topographic elevation is 1.2 m, and my tidal range 1.2 m. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I started a simulation with rma2, and the model gave me the following table (please see the attached file), which tells me I have a memory error. I understand that the way to fix this is by modifying the file "r2memsize.dat" (see the another attached file) mainly "Maximum buffer size", I increased the original value from 6000000-120000000, but I keep dialing the same error. What other information should I change? What does mean: "Try again with a Small memory model? Do I have to change my mesh? reducing the number of elements? Thanks in advanceoutput.txtr2memsize.txt
  3. Can I use the same procedure to extract a tidal time series at one point? Thanks
  4. Thanks, As you can see, I'm new modeling dynamic simulations, I just had done steady state simulations, your help is invaluable, I´m using the software for my thesis. In the boundary conditions type, in the assign boundary conditions dialog box, wich one corresponds to the tide, I mean where the tidal elevations have to be introduced? In RMA2 model control files? in the context that there are no river inflows, so it may not be necessary to run any steady state iterations prior to starting dynamic time steps. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks, What kind of additional data and where do you recommend? You say that I could have a curved boundary in the mesh end, pretty close to my furthest out measurements, you mean not attempting to cover the whole estuary, and finalize the mesh at the point of measurement? (please see the figure) If I do that, can I have a signal tide in two points of my mesh? at the beginning and the end? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I will make a set of simulations of a coastal lagoon, and I have as input data only measurements of tide in three sites of the area (see figure), speed and magnitude of currents only in the outer zone (not in the mouth, but farther) and wind. I will place the signal measured outside the area like a boundary condition, I mean that will be the beginning of my mesh, but the other two tidal signals will be IN my mesh, not in the border, my questions are: How can I include in the simulation the other two signals? and what kind of BC can I use at the end of my mesh, in the upper side of the lagoon, if I only have pressure measurements and in a place located before the end of my mesh? Watch the figure!!!bat.bmp Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, can you help me? I´m modeling a coastal lagoon, and I have only information of tides as input data, in the entrance of the lagoon, in the middle and the head, can I use a BC of tide in the 3 sites? or only in the entrance?

  8. help: SMS error: cannot find file MODBGR!!!

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