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    Calibration with PEST

    I have experienced the same problem in 7.5, though it seems to happen when a model for some reason hasn't started right or I end op aborting because of too long run time. When if I make a few changes I run again, this problem occurs. The solution that seems to work is just copy an _os file from older run into project folder, change the name so it fits current model and save the current with "save as" then the model runs.
  2. We have problems assigning particles to the desired interval (screen lenght), as a result we have run our particles directly in MODPATH, but would obvioulsy like to load the resulting .rsp file into GMS. When we try and open the file, we get an error messag something like;" Layer type code (LAYERCON) mismatch for layer 0, ignoring MODPATH value". After clicking OK (the only option) to this error the particle lines are loaded but all particles are shown to start at the bottom of the cell inwhich the well is located. As a test we have tried opening an .rsp file that has been generated with the model directly in GMS the same way, using the "Open", choosing the filte type so that. rsp files can be choosen. The result is the same error and particle lines loaded so they all start at teh bottom of teh cell noth throughout as they originally was run. Does anyone have a ideas that might help?
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