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  1. The bug is stll there in GMS 10.4.2
  2. When using Modflow NWT and the UZF package and MT3DUSGS the following bug is present in GMS 10.3.7: Specifying the source concentrations in Constant Head cells and NOT as Recharge Concentration The parameters INCUZF and INCUWET (Items 7 and 9 in the input manual for sum package in Mt3DUSGS) must be specified in the SSM package for each recharge period as negative numbers otherwise as it is MT3DUSGS crashes because when they are missing it expects to read recharge concentration Here is a zip file of the model in which the correct sum package has been renamed sim.good and the one resulting from the file save in GMS is named ssm To fix this as GMS is now, one has to map the conceptual model to MT3dUSGS, save the model, manually add the two records for each stress period and run without saving
  3. There is apparently a bug in GMS that will not let MT3DMS run using a flow solution that was generated using the MODFLOW UZF package. Here is the error message: ERROR READING THE FLOW-TRANSPORT LINK FILE NAME OF THE FLOW TERM REQUIRED =THKSAT NAME OF THE FLOW TERM SAVED IN THE FLOW-TRANSPORT LINK FILE =WATER CONTENT If anyone has found a work around for this please post
  4. Why is it possible to use TINs to define the elevation of the stage and bottom of stream reach nodes, but not the top elevation? since the top elevation is used to define the slope, one has to either manually enter it in the map module or compute it externally (for example by computing the slope in excel) and copy and paste to the modflow stream dialog spreadsheet - both are big time wasters for large stream networks
  5. Now that ESRI has released ArcGIS 10, when will GMS be compatible with it? (Not that GMS was all that compatible with previous versions of ArcGIS per my previous posts and communications with Tech Support) GMS 7.1 does NOT recognize the new license manager released by ESRI that is necessary to use ArcGIS 10
  6. I am running Vista 64-bit and had all kinds of problems until I did the following 1) load gms into the c:/program files folder NOT the c:/program files (x(66) folder 2) move the tutorial files out of the c:/program files folder - apparently the protections in VISTA do not allow you to write or alter files that have been loaded into the c:/program folder I assume the new version of GMS that is compatible with Vista will be take advantage of the 64-bit version? When will GMS support MODFLOW 2005 and all its supported packages, including USZF??
  7. to export the grid as an arcview readable .asc file, hHighlight the HEAD file and the time step you want to export and use the menu: data/3d data to 2d data and enter the options you want - largest value in column, value for a layer, etc, and give it a name and hit OK. (you have to have a default 2d grid in your project that has the same dimensions, and number of cells as each layer of your 3d grid) I build my models by importing a 2-d grid of some layer such as topography as an ascii grid file that I generate in ArcGIS, and this sets up the default 2D grid in GMS. I then build my 3D grid by entering the origin, extent, and number of cells in the x and y dimensions which you get by right clicking on the 2D grid header. Once you have the 2d grid version of your heads, simply right click the 2d layer and use the export option to export an ascii file. Read that file into ArcGIS. Since GMS does not use projections to use your ascii file in ArcGIS you will have to assign a coordinate system to the imported file. All this only works if you have constant (square) grid spacing in your model If you do not, you can export the contours on the display within GMS then export the contour layer directly as a shape file
  8. I am having the same frustrations with h5repack - I am almost ready to unload Vista and install XP Pro 64-bit on this machine that I bought specifically because I need to have GMS on a portable box
  9. Are there any plans to upgrade GMS to run Modflow 2005 including the Unsaturated Zone Flow (UZF) package?
  10. Are there any plans to add the new GSFLOW model to GMS? GSFLOW is a merged version of MODFLOW2005 and PRMS (USGS Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System)
  11. Bugs in 81 Storm Drain /map 1D Schematic button is not active using SWMM tutorial Section 1.4.1
  12. Bugs in 81 Delineate Basin Wizard crashes using Judys Branch Tutorial Data Crop collar command results in only a blank (white) image using the image tutorial files
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