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  1. Yes, start simple and carefully plan horizon numbering and sequencing.
  2. I have used stream flow routing package SFR2 in GMS to model canals. If stages in the canal are above the groundwater elevations they lose water, if canal stages are below the groundwater table, they gain water. Can work quite well, adjusting stream bed conductance to control gain/loss rates.
  3. Aquaveo technical support explained this to me: just enter a different parameter number for the conductance of each arc.
  4. I just created a two year model, with one extra leap year day, having 731 daily stress periods. We decided to use 4 time steps per SP to speed up the run, and it solved just fine with no major error. It has 5 municipal wells with detailed data, but entered as daily rates/stresses. Also had great meteorological data and instrumented monitoring wells in the area. All input was in a daily format. The model runs in about 6 minutes using MODFLOW 2000 in GMS.
  5. I have a functioning, relatively simple one-layer MODFLOW 2000 model with one river consisting of 22 arcs. I would in GMS to run PEST for streambed conductance for each arc, with the goal of matching the heads in observation wells. Is this possible? If so, how do I structure this in GMS?
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