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  1. Hogans

    SRH-2D Sediment Transport produces no results

    Aquaveo may have more details to provided, but there were some changes in SMS 12.3 and updates in SRH-2D that result in the sediment transport module not working. I know they are working on it, but the temporary fix is to download and run the sediment transport simulation in SMS 12.2.
  2. Hogans

    SRH-2D Monitor Lines

    I spoke with Dr. Lai, the developer of SRH-2D, and he confirmed that the water surface elevation is a discharge weighted calculation. In other words, the computed WSEL at each element is weighted based on the discharge computed at that element divided by the total discharge across the monitoring line.
  3. Hogans

    Materials Coverage - one or multiple?

    If the roughness values are different for each model scenario you should create a materials coverage for each, and then use the appropriate materials coverage in the corresponding simulation.
  4. Hogans

    Overtopping Option Error - Pressure Flow BC

    The IFACE error occurs when SRH-2D has difficulty mapping the pressure zone. The best practice is to align the boundary condition arcs so that they form a rectangle rather than a parallelogram. When structures are skewed to the channel this can be challenging and sometimes warrants slightly changing the alignment of the BC arc such that it may not perfectly align with the bridge face. The skewed mesh elements (poor mesh quality) could also cause a stability issue. The upper example should be ok, but for the lower example try to realign the mesh elements and boundary condition arcs to form a rectangle. This should solve the IFACE error.
  5. Hogans

    Boundary Condition Issues

    I have run into this error a few times. In each case it was a problem with my mesh or boundary condition coverage. Consider trying a new boundary condition coverage with only an inflow and outflow. If this doesn't work, regenerate your mesh. This assumes you have already consider Cody's suggestion to verify that the materials coverage extends to the limits of your mesh.
  6. Hogans

    Importing Point Shapefile as Scatter in SMS

    Right click on the GIS layer and you can convert the shapefile data to either a scatter set or a map coverage.
  7. Hogans

    Scatter Module - Save scatter

    I have previously reported this bug. Try clicking on one of your map coverages to make it active and then try saving again. This makes the file save option available, but the scatter save as option is still not available.