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    When learning ADH model using the manual titled "DRAFT User's Manual for Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction Using ADH" from 2003, I got to the sentence: "(Note: A completed ADH menu will be available in the next version of GMS. The use of the FEMWATER menu is strictly for the beta version of ADH.)" I'm using the GMS 6.0 but it seems to me that the ADH model is not still fully supported by this version of GMS. Is my assumption correct? Is the full support of ADH provided by GMS 6.5? Thanks, Jiri
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    Lake package

    Hi all, Can head in the lake go under the bottom elevation of cell in one of lake layers? I mean: if I have lake which is represented by the two layers of cells, can I hold (for example by pumping) the water level in lower layer only? Thanks, Jiri
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