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  1. Hi clark,

    Am having lots of problems to generate soil moisture from GSSHA. Can you provide me your mail id so that I may provide you the print-screens.

    My email: mayank.katyayan@gmail.com

  2. Modeling a watershed in India with GSSHA

  3. Clark, Thanks! You are really a great advisor. Mayank
  4. Hi clark The figures of field capacity are missing in the second wiki link. Can it be updated please. Mayank
  5. Thanks Chris, A lot of crucial bugs have been fixed. Mayank
  6. Hi, The initial moisture in the soil attributes of GSSHA is to be given in % or in some units. Its mentioned nowhere. Mayank
  7. Thanks Clark, You really made my day Mayank
  8. Hello John, Is there any training program also planned for GSSHA. Mayank
  9. Hi Chris I will try to get the paper suggested by you. Waiting eagerly for your next response. Mayank
  10. Hi Chris, The problem is exactly with the figures I am giving for soil parameters.Because most literature has advised KSAT above 150-200 for sandy soil I have given the same, but due to this figure every drop is getting infiltrated. Mayank
  11. Hi, Am exploring GSSHA to map soil moisture for some sites in India. My problem is that I am not getting any flow. Hydrograph is linear on zero. The area on which I am working is sandy but I have tried with even rainfall of 150. I am attaching snapshot of the soil attributes I am taking. I have also tried to add flow to the channels but no output was there. Mayank
  12. Mayank

    Hi Ida, Thanks for helping me out.

  13. Hello I am using GSSHA for soil moisture mapping. Can you refer a web address to get the exact figures of various soil attributes (e.g. KSat, Field capacity for different soil types). I have gone through many books and websites but most of them have controversy regarding the figures. Also the figures of Ksat & Field Capacity used in SSURGO_Soil.dbf (Park city in example data) and GSSHA.cmt (used by WMS, while creating inputs for GSSHA) are too much different. Mayank
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