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  1. This is a bug that has been fixed. There is a new executable that you can get with the fix. You can download the executable from the site ftp://pubftp.aquaveo.com/download/STWAVE%20exe/ You will have to point SMS at this new executable for it to work correctly. You can do this by selecting Edit\Preferences and choosing the file locations tab. For the STWAVE location you will point it to the new executable.
  2. Currently SMS 10.1 does not support steering of ADCIRC - STWAVE. I don't know if there are plans to include this in the future.
  3. How long is a long time? If your files are very large then this may be what is causing SMS to take a while to save. You can send the files to tech support and we can see if we have similar problems. If it crashes frequently then it may be a bug that needs to be fixed. It would help us if you could email your files to support@aquaveo.com
  4. There is a newer build than the one you have. You can download it from this site ftp://pubftp.aquaveo.com/download/GMS/. I would uninstall the version you have and install the 6.5.7ful and see if it fixes your problem. If it ends up being a bug in GMS 6.5 then we are very limited in how much we can help you because bugs are only fixed in the latest version of the software which is GMS 7.1. Hopefully the later build helps with your problems.
  5. There is no really simple way to do this but there is a round about way. You will need to create two points(mesh nodes) in the mesh module and then select them. Right click on them and select interpolate options Here you can specify spacing. You then have to select save as and choose tabular data file as the file type select the right data to be saved i.e. x, y coordinates With the new file, click and drag the new file into SMS. It should bring up the import wizard Select next Change the SMS data type: to feature points There you should have refine points which you can choose to refine the
  6. It is correct that this is not yet fully functional in SMS. This feature is still being developed in the SMS interface.
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