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  1. What are the recommended thin triangle aspect ratio and maximum edge length for use with CGWAVE? During the model check, I continue to run into a possible issue warning that there are triangles present with bad aspect ratios.
  2. I've been having trouble even at time step = 1e-9 sec, which seems extraordinarily small. My grid size is 0.1 m. Could this be too small, as it wouldn't take long to cross a cell?
  3. When trying to run my BOUSS-2D model, I run into an error stating that the Courant number must be less than 1. Has anyone else run into an error like this? How is the Courant number calculated? I've been searching the ERDC manuals, but no luck on an answer yet. Thank you.
  4. Thanks John. I got an answer on the map-->2d grid. The problem was that I didn't have my map object set as a grid frame object. I haven't verified yet, but seems like the piece I was missing. The ERDC manual says to generate the grid closely inline with the incoming wave direction. So, I was building my grid based on that advice. When the grid changes automatically (i.e. not following my inputs), it no longer either captures my area of interest or aligns with the wave direction. Has the BOUSS-2D model changed to not require the alignment? Can I somehow override the automatic change?
  5. Is there a way to edit a BOUSS2D grid after it is generated? i.e. transforming it to a different location, adding more cells, etc.
  6. Hello I'm having trouble generating a 2D grid from map under the BOUSS2D model. The option is available, but when I select it, nothing happens. (in SMS v10.0 and SMS v10.1 with BOUSS2D from SMS v10.0). Am I missing something? I am also having difficulty with the rotation angle on the grids when generated in the grid module. It is as if the positive x-axis is rotating.
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