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  1. Ok thanks Alan, I seen you posted a version of modflow with the max number of SP=10 000 but now the link is not available. How can I get this ? because I Need use more than 1000 SP ... Thanks in advance !
  2. Hello everyone, I am building a transient MODFLOW model with GMS 7.0 using the conceptual model approach. There is a huge problem with the number of stress periods I want to run : - Until I've less than 1001 stress periods, MODFLOW runs, everything is ok - If I have more than 1000 stress periods, MODFLOW aborts immediatly (I mean it is not a problem of convergence) Hereunder the error message : "Excutable started ..... This file is not a GMS MF2K superfile. Assuming NAM file ...... ALLOCATION OF ARRAYS X, Z, IX AND XHS FAILED RETURNED ERROR MESSAGE NUMBER : 41 MODFLOW 2000 finished" I have
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