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  1. This is similar to the topic posted by sheraz. I have 3-gigs of mem, running on a 2.8 GHz processor. I have also changed settings in the computer to favor performance over display. I hvae been trying to set up a project DEM through multiple terrain files. I have an overall DEM downloaded from the web, and also have lidar data of the lower portion of the watershed (tin format). My approach is to convert the DEM to TIN and then merge the tin generated with the higher resolution tin data, then convert back to DEM. I know there can't be two DEMs associated with the same project, so I see no other way to accomplish this. I can convert the DEM to tin and load up the higher resolution data, but when I try to merge the files, the software either crashes or spits out an out of memory warning. The DEM file is only 15 MB and the tin file is around 10 MB. It seems that the computer shouldn't run out of memory with these size files. Any one else have this problem, and is there a fix??? Another thing I noticed is that when zooming into the DEM (after running TOPAZ), the flow direction arrows are not shown for all of the datapoints. I have the point display step set at 1, so all of the points should be shown, but still no flow direction arrows.
  2. Thanks Clark, I actually saw the soil type display just before checking back with the forum, Eric
  3. Can we still assign patterns and colors in the soil type polygons on WMS 8.2? The only thing I found that we can edit is the text.
  4. Anyone have issues with .sid files in the latest version of wms? I'm getting an error that says rotated sid images are not yet supported. These are the same sid images I have been using (successfully) in previous versions of wms
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