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  1. I am creating a Dam Breach Inundation maps using WMS and HEC-RAS. I have Built a map in WMS and created New tin, center-line, banks and Cross section in WMS and then Exported them out to Hec-Ras were I Created Dams and Bridges in Hec-Ras using the Cross Section made in WMS. After all that i then ran the simulation in HecRas and try to read the solution in WMS. The problem comes in when I try to read the solution. I can not read the Cross Section and the message reads" The cross section # (all my cross section) in the HEC-Ras model was not found in your WMS hydraulic model" and then "no data was found". I did not change the cross section in HecRas but just added structure in the the river (9 dams and 19 bridges). What can i do to get the data into WMS. Also i tried importing data from the HECRAS drop-down menu and that did not work.
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