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  1. My study area have three soils (from up to down). The middle soil has very low hydraulic conductivity (10-7 m/s). So the rain can’t infiltration to groundwater table, and produce unconfining aquifer. My study area have two aquifers, one is unconfining aquifer, and another is confining aquifer. But I don’t know how to build it? Can I build two groundwater table?
  2. Thank for everybody's explanation very much. I calculate compresses coefficient, again. I think the value that controlled by time unit. Because, the acceleration of gravity is not 9.8 m/s2. I think to use value 1.27E+8 m/h2.
  3. I am running the flow in Femwater. When I input the compressibility of the medium(the soil is gravel). So I input the compressibility factor 1.0e-007. But my model can’t run accuracy. Then I find something in card type “MP2”. (MP2 1 0.4058 0.4058 0.4058 0.0 0.0 0.0 2.0e-008 0.3543 1.0) The 0.3543 is the value that I input about saturate moisture content (α). Why this value appear here? How do I input the right compressibility factor in the model?
  4. Hollow, sir. I have a question about the “Material Properties”. My model use one kind of the soil “silt”. When I input the soil “silt” to simulate, I can get one kind of the “moisture content”, “relation content” and “water capacity” datas. But I use the data in chap 5 of guiding book. (SM:0.46, RM:0.034, α:0.106, β:1.37.) I can’t get the same result. Why? Can you explain this? Thank you!
  5. NoNoBoy

    Using FEMWATER

    Oh~ It is very bad news for me. Thank you to explain the bug of FEMWATER. I will discuss with my professor. Thanks a lot~
  6. NoNoBoy

    Using FEMWATER

    I am from Taiwan, I am National Yunlin University of Science and Technology student. I want to input the rainfall infiltration data, but I input the data exceed 100 data, the model can’t run, and show" XY series card, number points appears > MXXYP: 192". (For example, I input the 192 hours and 192 data of the rainfall infiltration data.) Could you teach me how it will input over 100 data? Thanks~
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