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  1. Is there a way to extract XY data for LPF package - Hydraulic conductivity? I know I can export XY data from Top and Bottom elevation of a MODFLOW Model, but I can only get Hydraulic conductivity with cell I,J,K reference not XY.
  2. I set up a new color ramp for contouring. I want to show drawdown values: blue for positive values, red for negative values and white to zero value. Is it possible to assign no color to the zero values so that I can see the raster map under the contouring layer? My workaround was to save GMS project to image file, open it in Quantum GIS and set the transparent color to white. Thank you Daniele
  3. I'm running a Stochastic MODFLOW. When I press the Abort button while perfoming simulation on different HUF realization (and check the 'read solution on exit' flag too), a new window appears (Reading stochastic solution) to let the user select which Simulation is to be loaded in GMS. The simulations appears in the previous running status, misleading the user to select the correct one. It's a bug? Thank you.
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