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    Hello again... Thnx a lot for your great answer but u know really I need to make a simulation for the flooding of dam break by time so... Is there any tools or command can show me the flooding of dam break by time not as text output file really i need it as a simulation...? Could u plz the the way and really I'd appreciated your helping me… Thnx again
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    Hello, I am working with an existing HEC-RAS model. I have noticed that when I lower the manning's n in the overbank area adjacent to the banks, the water surface actually rises. I have not done any storage routing, so the flows are the same. Please let me know why it is doing that. Thanks, Ashish
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    Hi Ashish, That is very interesting that your water surface rises when lowering the Manning's n value. Maybe something else in your model is changing, causing your water surface to rise. I'd compare everything in your models before and after changing the Manning's value. Has anybody else seen this or have any input on this topic? Chris
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    And, as an afterthought, has anyone had problems with WMS not populating the downstream overbank and channel distances when exported to HEC-RAS? Thanks!
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    I am getting voids in the contour plots for my groundwater surface. Attached is a screen capture of the problem. I dont get this with the 32 bit version of GMS 8.1, only the 64bit version. Is there a fix to this?
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    I am exporting a surface to a LandXML file so I can import the surface in SMS 11.0. It appears the the northings and eastings are reversed. The landxml points are listed as a (northing, easting, elevation) pr (y,x,z). The way the surface is displayed in SMS looks to be (Easting, Northing, elevation) or (x,y,z). Has anyone else experienced this problem? Or is there a way to change the way the coordinates are read? I am using Pennsylvania State Plane Coordinates. Thanks for your help.
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    I set up a model and entered the unsteady flow data into HEC RAS 4.0 Beta. When I click compute the geometry processor runs smooth with no errors and then the analysis stops without initiating the unsteady flow simulation. There is no indication or output with errors explaining the problem as to why. What is wrong with my model?
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