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    Hi, new to this forum. i'm using rma2 in sms9.2 to model a river confluence. below is what appears in the output.txt prompt after 213 lines: === Problem inside COEFS routine. Do 180. Element= 535 Gauss pt= 1 out of NGP= 16 Divide by DETJ= -0.0229 J11-J22-J12-J21= 1.1526 0.38006 0.74030 0.62257 stop in coefs guessing the integration is having some issues at the element location at a specific gauss point in the quadrilateral. any suggestions on how to proceed? (sorry for vague question... not exactly sure what is causing). thx! h
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    When RMA2 finishes its current run it prints out the current date_time as per usual if the model has converged, but the last few days it has also been giving me this after the Date_time is printed. forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation Image PC Routine Line Source ntdll.dll 7D620DEE Unknown Unknown Unknown ntdll.dll 7D620EC5 Unknown Unknown Unknown rma2v45.exe 004C5B97 Unknown Unknown Unknown rma2v45.exe 00495855 Unknown Unknown Unknown rma2v45.exe 004958B5 Unknown Unknown Unknown rma2v45.exe 0043208C Unknown Unknown Unknown rma2v45.exe 00480480 Unknown Unknown Unknown rma2v45.exe 004D1FD9 Unknown Unknown Unknown rma2v45.exe 004C4C84 Unknown Unknown Unknown kernel32.dll 7D4E7D42 Unknown Unknown Unknown It also seems that any hotstart files written after a run that had this message appear is unusable. I've tried uninstalling SMS, but the problem has persisted. What does this warning mean? I have attached a copy of one of the output files if it helps. RMA2 Output.txt Thanks!
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    I am getting voids in the contour plots for my groundwater surface. Attached is a screen capture of the problem. I dont get this with the 32 bit version of GMS 8.1, only the 64bit version. Is there a fix to this?
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    I am curious how GMS calculates the magnitude of flux in the CCF files. From my understanding, the magnitude of flux of a grid should be the summation of the flux from the 6 faces bounding the grid. However, it seems the value from the CCF-Mag file does not match this value. Anybody has an idea why this happens? Here is an example: i ,j ,K ,Front ,Right ,Bottom ,CCF_Mag 1 ,1 ,1 ,0 ,4.83 ,0 ,4.83 1 ,2 ,1 ,-1.10E-03 ,6.59 ,-1.82 ,12 1 ,3 ,1 ,-7.65E-03 ,6.61 ,-6.86E-02 ,13 Take the grid (1,2,1) for example, the flow from back and upper faces are 0, because this is the first row, and first layer, and no recharge or precipitation. Then the flux calculation is the summation of front, right, bottom and left faces, which is Flux = -0.0011+6.59-1.82-4.83 =- 0.061. But the value from CCF_Mag file is 12.
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    It would be great if the elevation attribute of a contour would also be mapped to the contours while using the MapInfo File Interchange format (.mif) for exporting, similar to exporting to arc shape files. Right now all contours have no elevation at all. In contrast to arc shape files created by GMS, Manifold can read the .mif files created by GMS so this would probably be a workaround for that problem also.
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