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    Hello... This is the first qustion for me and i hope to get the answer coz that will be very imoprtant for me..coz im doing my master degree about dam failure and really i need ur help.. I'm using WMS and really i did as example SMPDBK in my project but really i need a clear idea about things... Can i see the flooding of dam break in depending of time, EX: After 5 minutes how's the flooding looks like and after 20 minuters how it looks like....and how much of time it takes to reach to some area...?And offcourse the hight of water also in depending on time... Thnx for all... Best regards...
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    Hello. We have some old hec-ras projects and we would like to change some modelling conditions. Is it possible to export a whole .prj project from Hec-Ras to WMS8.1? Could we manage to import at least the geometry file? Thanks to all. Fernando Lopez Aquatica Ingenieria
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    I have a centerline coverage and a cross section coverage along with a TIN. I'm trying to define roughness values for the model. I have created materials in Edit | Material Data and entered roughness values in HEC-RAS | Material Properties.... when I go into HEC-RAS | Model Control there is no option to select 'Materials' for use in generating roughness values. Do I need to build polygons and creat a new coverage for the roughness values? roughness.doc
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    Hi all, I am working towards a working HEC-RAS model from WMS input. I have a centerline, channel banks, and cross sections to define model geometry in HEC-RAS. I have saved as a 1-D network schematic, but when bringing it into HEC-RAS, it will only use one of these coverages to define geometry, so I get error messages saying that there are no cross sections. Any thoughts (Chris and Clark, I'm looking at you)? Thanks, Rob
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    Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to treat four irrigation ditches over the mainstem of a HEC-RAS in WMS model. Each one diverts and returns to either the mainstem or a tributary right before the tributary joins the mainstem. Any input on how to place diverted flow? Add a outlet point? Thanks for any thoughts or ideas, Rob
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    So one of my first projects with WMS/HEC-RAS involves an entire river system, with multiple lakes and dams along the entire system. I understand how to bring cross-sections and dams from WMS to HEC-RAS. However, how do I model the lakes that the dams actually hold back? My basic understanding of these two programs shows that on HEC-RAS I can model Storage areas, and I can connect the Areas to a certain cross-section. Can I place a connection for a storage area (aka my lake) on the cross-section that drains into the lake, and then another connection on the cross-section that models my dam? Also, if I model a storage area on HEC-RAS, what will read back into WMS? Will it work?
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    It would be great if the elevation attribute of a contour would also be mapped to the contours while using the MapInfo File Interchange format (.mif) for exporting, similar to exporting to arc shape files. Right now all contours have no elevation at all. In contrast to arc shape files created by GMS, Manifold can read the .mif files created by GMS so this would probably be a workaround for that problem also.
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