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    I'm glad you were able to resolve the problem. I'm guessing you found the line in the .2dm file Yong Lai has put together for SRH-2D that limits the Manning's Coefficient to the range of 0.0 to 0.2, to help prevent users from using unreasonable values for typical situations. MD 1 "Manning's Coefficient" MV "Manning's Coefficient" 0 0 0.2 The .2dm file is described here. I have attached the SRH-2D template file that we have been using to test SRH-2D and will be distributed with SMS 10.1. Yong Lai has a different version also for SMS 8.1. Both are available from the SRH-2D website. We are very excited about the SRH-2D model. How long have you been using SRH-2D? What types of applications have you used it on? - John srh_2d_model_definition.zip
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