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    An update to WMS 8.2 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version: Bug Id-Date Submitted-Updated-Summary 659-3/5/2009-5/1/2009-WMS crashes when running MODRAT with no file prefix 698-3/16/2009-5/1/2009-MODRAT Error 783-4/2/2009-5/1/2009-No feedback for MODRAT run - Randall Greenwood 511-1/29/2009-5/1/2009-Deleted 1D-Hyd Cross-Section Arcs reappear when reopening WMS project 200-11/10/2008-4/30/2009-WMS crashes when opening CAD file with image file (.sid) loaded 758-3/27/2009-4/29/2009-Better reading and processing needed for NLCD 2001 Land Use grids 700-3/16/2009-4/28/2009-Problem with tying stream arcs to sub-basins 633-2/27/2009-4/28/2009-WMS RASTER import Crash 757-3/27/2009-4/28/2009-WMS crashes when importing an ArcGrid with ArcObjects enabled in WMS 8.1 778-4/2/2009-4/27/2009-Selecting Redistribute Vertices command without a selected arc launches an unnecessary dialog 671-3/10/2009-4/27/2009-2-D Scatter Data Set Not Created 665-3/6/2009-4/27/2009-Problem with saving/reading datasets associated with TINs 662-3/5/2009-4/23/2009-WMS 8.2 Crashes upon completion of Section 3.5, step 6 of the Volume IV, Chapter 3 tutorial. 667-3/7/2009-4/23/2009-WMS 8.1 Disappears upon completion of step 9 of GSSHA Tutorials:3 Fixing Digital Dams 436-1/13/2009-4/23/2009-WMS loses basin data reading in a project file 432-1/13/2009-4/22/2009-Problems with coverage att tables when closing WMS 702-3/16/2009-4/21/2009-Need input value length restrictions on MODRAT input values in Edit Parameters window 660-3/5/2009-4/21/2009-WMS crashes when using Flood menu options with nothing loaded 741-3/24/2009-4/20/2009-WMS 8.2 Crashes when reading in NSSmap_FL.map, step 2, section 7.4.1 of the Volume II, Chapter 7 tutorial. NSS Interface. 717-3/18/2009-4/20/2009-Compute Basin Data Crash! 110-10/9/2008-4/20/2009-Crash when going to global mapper dialog 817-4/16/2009-4/16/2009-Opening this project file causes WMS to crash 608-2/24/2009-4/14/2009-File path to LA County soils table needs to be updated in WMS 8.2 Preferences 780-4/2/2009-4/14/2009-Problem when using hyetograph precip option with GSSHA 764-3/30/2009-4/13/2009-Can't create filmloops 610-2/25/2009-4/13/2009-WMS disppears when trying to open an HY-8 culvert project 755-3/26/2009-4/13/2009-Problem converting coordinates when you download shapefiles with defined projection from web services 784-4/2/2009-4/10/2009-Misleading text on button in GSSHA Maps dialog 295-12/9/2008-4/10/2009-GSSHA 4.0 crashes in Tutorial 6.4 704-3/16/2009-4/10/2009-WMS 8.2 Web services dialog does not appear if not connected to the internet 703-3/16/2009-4/10/2009-Web service problem when downloading Louisiana data (and possibly data from other states) 751-3/25/2009-4/10/2009-The option to convert two shapefiles of the same type to a single coverage is not available 701-3/16/2009-4/7/2009-Problem with default Z units when converting NED DEM 746-3/25/2009-4/7/2009-Problem converting coordinates with shapefile 747-3/25/2009-4/7/2009-Problem converting coordinates with land use shapefile (no projection file) 748-3/25/2009-4/7/2009-Problem with vertical units when reading a DEM file 749-3/25/2009-4/6/2009-Problem setting and converting coordinates on a shapefile with a projection file 750-3/25/2009-4/6/2009-Problem converting shapefiles with projections in the hydrologic modeling wizard 692-3/12/2009-4/3/2009-Embankment Arc Profile Editor does not seem to update the endpoint elevations in the GSSHA-7 Tutorial. 189-11/7/2008-4/3/2009-WMS crashes in Grid Ooptions dialog (display x-y axis) 697-3/16/2009-4/2/2009-DEMEdit tutorial files not included in WMS 8.1 installation 616-2/25/2009-4/2/2009-WMS window goes blank when deleting drainage data with Select Feature Objects tool 448-1/15/2009-4/2/2009-Crash when opening .map file on a TIN in WMS 8.1 and 8.2 522-2/3/2009-4/1/2009-Color fill contours not displayed for flood delineation 538-2/6/2009-3/31/2009-Delineate Basins Wizard stream display threshold units 337-12/18/2008-3/31/2009-Update Delineate Basins Wizard 507-1/29/2009-3/30/2009-Duplicate arcs being generated from 1D-Hyd Cross-Section coverage when exporting GIS file 477-1/21/2009-3/27/2009-River Hydraulic Schematic should be deleted when XSection and Centerline coverages get deleted 499-1/28/2009-3/27/2009-WMS not responding when accessing NED Data through Web Services if WebServices.exe is missing 508-1/29/2009-3/26/2009-Allow the option to download and read SSURGO data files for multiple SSURGO soil shapefiles 510-1/29/2009-3/25/2009-Allow users to select more than one soil type and/or land use shapefile for the Define Land Use and Soil Data step in the HMW 611-2/25/2009-3/23/2009-Web Services reports two errors when trying to save to an unexisting directory 547-2/6/2009-3/23/2009-Verify GSSHA embankment arc conceptualization 655-3/4/2009-3/19/2009-Land use and soil shapefile options not saved 656-3/4/2009-3/19/2009-Selected web catalog web service options (land use and soil) are not saved in the hydrologic modeling wizard 657-3/4/2009-3/19/2009-Terraserver web service resolutions are not used in the hydrologic modeling wizard 474-1/21/2009-3/19/2009-Save prompt is supressed after saving as .dwg, .dxf, .shp, or any other file type 658-3/4/2009-3/18/2009-Better handling of web service file names in the hydrologic modeling wizard 634-2/27/2009-3/18/2009-CE-QUAL-W2 bathymetry bug 303-12/10/2008-3/16/2009-Problem color filling contours 497-1/27/2009-3/12/2009-WMS crashes when re-entering the HY-8 Culvert dialog 614-2/25/2009-3/10/2009-WMS crashes when deleting a MODRAT diversion from a basin in WMS 8.1 and 8.2 532-2/5/2009-3/10/2009-Bug when setting bank arc attribute 641-2/27/2009-3/10/2009-Change default output in MODRAT Edit Parameters window 654-3/4/2009-3/10/2009-Problem creating uniform index map in WMS 8.1 650-3/4/2009-3/9/2009-DEM properties dialog 584-2/13/2009-3/9/2009-Next Hydrograph Station-> button in HEC-1 Parameters dialog causes WMS to crash 615-2/25/2009-3/9/2009-Add Retrieve Diversion command to right click menu in MODRAT 653-3/4/2009-3/9/2009-TR-20 CN entry
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    Hello..in my study area one of material pair plot, has 2 lines of measured data in the markov chain model...see the picture to see what i mean..has anyone an idea of what may be the problem???or why is this happening?? (if l minimize the area i dont have this issue, but i want a bigger region of study) thank you
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