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    Is there any way I can open a Mike21 FM mesh in SMS in order to create a dxf file? I have converted the text version to a 2dm format. When I try to open it I get a message that I don't have enough memory even though Task Manager indicates that there is memory remaining. Is this message generated in SMS or Windows? We are using a Windows XP 32bit system with 3G memory. We will eventually upgrade to a 64bit system and that will probably solve this problem but in the meantime??
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    Hi, I am using TUFLOW in SMS 10.1 and I would like to link a fine Grid in some areas to a coarser Grid. We already ordered the multiple domains license. When I try to link the two 2D domains according to the help file on http://www.xmswiki.com/xms/SMS:TUFLOW_Linking_2D_Domains as below To setup multiple 2D domains in SMS: 1. Create multiple TUFLOW grids and associated grid components. 2. Define a 2D/2D Linkage coverage and attributes (see below). 3. Add all the 2D domains being used and the 2D/2D Links Coverage to the simulation. the program always tells me, that "this component already has a grid linked to it!". So what can I do to get this thing done? I already posted my question in the TUFLOW forum and they gave me a Tutorial. Unfortunately the multiple domains tutorial is not yet documented and so it is not easy to understand, how to use this tool. Kind regards
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    Hi malibec Open your mesh, go to "nodes" and then to "transform". Then you will be asked "No nodes are selected. Do you want to edit the entire mesh" where you have to say yes if you want to transform the whole mesh. Then you can enter the transform, scale or rotation parameters and your done greetz Chris
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