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    In the 3-D grid module, you can manually select areas using polygons and change the materials that way (if you view the grid using cell faces showing the materials, this will be easier). If you think you have to keep doing this, you might want to display materials using cell faces, then go into the map module and draw polygons in a coverage set up so that you can map over material zones. Then it will be easy to just adjust your polygons and quickly map the material changes over.
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    It seems to make sense that with a smaller community, a single forum is adequate, and when the community grows larger, the single forum can be split into more specific sub-forums. However, when we switched to the new Invisionzone forum hosting service, we created a separate MODFLOW forum. Our reason for creating it initially was mainly because we could. Now we're wondering if we jumped the gun. What do you think? Should we have just one GMS forum, or stick with a GMS and a MODFLOW forum?
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    I think combining would be better (at the moment, with small member numbers) because 1) some of the MODFLOW forum issues are probably actually GMS issues, so I want to know about them. 2) more people means more help with my problems. 3) more activity would make the forum better, it might get to critical mass.
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    Tough call. I like that they are separate, but it seems that MODFLOW-specific questions often end up under the GMS forum. I voted to keep them separate, but, overall, it doesn't seem like it would matter much.
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    The quick answer is "not directly." Check out this link - http://www.xmswiki.com/xms/GMS:Importing_MODFLOW_Files In the past, I took the VM files and edited them to have the proper format for importing (I didn't have a VM license at the time to be able to export generic MODFLOW files). It took a little time, but it worked.
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    This somewhat relates to my previous post. We are using a Generic model with the SRN2D progrom. We were provided a templete file which a text file with a .2dm extension. The file is passing instructions to SMS. Is it possible to obtain any general information related to the proper formating to do this. We can edit the text file but we have to be carefull because it is not obvious what effects the lines in the file might have. It appears to be appending some unnecessary lines to the working .2dm file each time it is saved. I hesitate to go back to the developer because the program was provided free without support.
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    Many Thanks for Responce Sean, I have managed the data entry using another text editor.I was lucky because I have only 4 year simulations , not too much data, but I have to note that one has to check GMS after using its xy series editor.Some times it can give you different things . Regards
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    I can see it is a problem, but can't really say what is going on. "It is not allow me to enter originals." That's the part that concerns me more than anything. If you can't figure out a way to do it in the program, edit the recharge file outside of GMS with a text editor and then open up your model again.
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    Transient data needs to be in a "step-type" format (duplicate data points to end one stress period and start the next). This could be one problem. Not having imported transient data for a while, I don't recall if it will do some of this automatically when you import data. The last error is not necessarily a big deal, depending on how things turn out. You may be running your model for a certain length of time or for stress periods that don't match up exactly with your transient data and the model just says it doesn't line up (but it will attempt to line things up).
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    I've been transferring a model back and forth from a computer with XP to one with Vista and am finding that when I'm in Vista, the labels for the materials legend, borehole names, and horizon IDs all show up as symbols rather than text. Any thoughts on this? This occurs in both v6.0 and v6.5.
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    GMS 6.0 and 6.5 do not support Windows Vista. The next version of GMS will support Vista. You can run GMS on Vista but you will get these display oddities, typically dealing with fonts.
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