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  2. The files are local, but are on a different drive than the model files. I will try moving them to the GMS model directory and see if that helps.
  3. I experienced the same problem when working with the TIFF on the server. I saved the files locally on my computer instead, which solved the display problem.
  4. You can just select cells manually and change the conductivity in the properties dialog....or set up a coverage with polygons to change just small areas when it maps over to MODFLOW. Test it out so that you can confirm everything else remains the same when you map it over.
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  6. Hi all I constructed my model using HUF flow package and i started calibrating the model. I need to change locally the hydraulic conductivity at some regions for calibration process, can this be done?? Another th ing that i wounder why when i select any cell in the grid , i find that its material assigned as limestone in the whole model (the figures are attached)
  7. thank you very much for your reply when i made my grid cell larger the solid was created with no error
  8. Got to Display Options > Map and check the fill box under polygon to show type. Check ID under polygon to show number. Shift Q will show boundary in the mesh IF you have both the mesh and material coverage in the same simulation. Hope this helps!
  9. How can export MODFLOW Project developed using GMS to Visual Modflow and Groundwater Vista.
  10. JPA

    Drain elevation

    I try to elevate a drainage according to a TIN. The drainage seems to end up right when it is in "Map Data" but when I pass it on to Modflow, the drainage falls into the layers I selected under "Default layer range" in the Coverage setup. Has anyone experienced the same problem and can help me out?
  11. Please make your solids bit larger than the conceptual model domain. When solids do not completely cover the grid, this error can occur.
  12. Please make your solids bit larger than the conceptual model domain. When solids do not completely cover the grid, this error can occur.
  13. Hello I have a problem when i run Simulation and it stops in middle of running FAILURE TO MEET SOLVER CONVERGENCE CRITERIA BUDGET PERCENT DISCREPANCY IS -141.2903 STOPPING SIMULATION can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks
  14. hello everybody i have a problem with my model and i hope you could help i have complex stratigraphy. so first i used Modflow-USG , you can see the figure of my U-grid in the attached figure, I tried to add a recharge at the top cell but i couldnot >>I searched and the solution was adding a new upper inactive layer, but i could not add it , i hope you help me do this and tell me the steps >> i also tried modflow 2000 but in the step of solid-..> modflow it gave me an error similar to that i cannot find a solution please help
  15. I am working on a groundwater model here in New Mexico. One important component is the southern and western boundaries of the model, where steep canyon walls seep water from the volcanic aquifer, substantially contributing to river flows. I intend to model the boundary condition at the river with STR2, such that recharge and discharge interactions between groundwater and the channel can be calibrated. However, I'm not sure how to handle the canyon walls. Adjacent flooded cells, while conceptually accurate, I believe to not deliver their discharge down (topographic) gradient. I'm interested in the seepage face package, but I am not seeing much documentation or discussion on it and many folks are referring to it as a boundary condition in itself. Can anyone clarify what scheme might work for this, and perhaps share a couple of links? Thank you!
  16. Good afternoon, i have the same problem that you described before ( i need to set the same boundary conditions). how did you manage to solve it? thanks for your help
  17. I had just same issue Zbynek mentioned with 10.4.5 version. Some GeoTIFF files when added are asked to be converted into shapefiles resulting into error while previous versions (10.3.6 f.e.) recognized it properly. Sample file and message images are attached. I have also an issue with cyrillic characters, that are not displayed correctly while reading file attributes or writing annotations. Thats in my long-long term wishlist to be fixed)) Test.rar
  18. I have encountered a situation where my WSE elevation is triggering the pressure flow boundary at a bridge, solving for that scenario, then lowering the WSE below pressure flow.... and back and forth, causing instability. What is the best approach for removing this numerical instability from my bridge? The mesh configuration and boundary conditions are correct as they have worked correctly in other flow scenarios. It just happens that the WSE is juuuust at the edge of submerging the bridge opening. Thoughts?
  19. Hi! I'm currently working on a WMS MODRAT model of keep coming across some weirdness. Certain actions make my WMS window instantly close and there doesn't seem to be a clear-cut pattern. Sometimes WMS closes when I click to start computing basins, or sometimes even something as small as clicking 'NEXT' on the time of concentration wizard will shut me out. I wonder if anyone else is having these issues as well? Another question I have, unrelated to the crash bug, has to do with having MODRAT calculate my Tc for me. It lists out which basin parameters are missing and in my case, a couple of my basins did not have an 'active time of concentration computation arc' (<- not this exactly, I forget the word for word sentence). Regardless, I go into the basin parameters/attributes to see how I can change this computation arc to "active." I was able to find the toggle for it, but after I click DONE and go back to check, it toggled itself right back to inactive! Does anyone have a clue why this is? I'll come back to edit this post with pictures when I get the model in front of me again. Thanks!
  20. Hello, My name is Alexandre and I am using SRH-2D to simulate sediment deposition in a reservoir. I performed two identical simulations with different Outputs Results Format, XMDF results and SRHN results. Logically, the results would have to be the same, as no other feature of the model was changed. However, the Bed_Elev_Meter presented by XDMF results is different from SRHN results for the same simulation time. I send attached the mesh and the different XMDF and SRHN results for the time 30 00:00:00. Could someone help me? Thank you for your attention! SEDIMENT_meshes.h5 Case_Sed_SRHN30.dat Case_Sed_XMDF.h5
  21. This will be a helpful feature, as this is sometimes the case at our site also. Also to be able to generate Map polygons from other model features, like conductivity, recharge, etc. and to be able to create river, stream boundaries etc. from the model data in the Map coverages will be helpful.
  22. I would like to be able to export the MNW1 package to a shape file or some other format. Or create point features. Is that possible? Not every modeling project begins from scratch. Many times you start with someone else's model (say a USGS model) and want to develop the map data/feature objects from that model. It seems like GMS doesn't serve that pathway of development well.
  23. I've recently updated an old version of SMS to v 13.0.9. I want to show material type, material boundary, material number in the mesh. In earlier version I used to have this through Display options - 2D mesh--- but now with this updated version of 13.0.9 I cannot find it in display options. Nor I could get any hint from net-searching. I’m stuck with my work with this small thing of displaying and changing material type of Mesh. Is this changed somewhere from display options in new versions or is this some bug in installation/release? please help/suggest!
  24. It's a bug I noticed in GMS 10.4.5 many times
  25. I have been working with a GMS model with two TIFF files for background information. After several days of working correctly, the model stopped displaying the imagery. It always took a long time to display them, but after 30 sec to a minute they would display. I deleted the images and reopened them but GMS still does not diaplay them. I tried closing GMS and reopening it, but GMS will still not display them. Does anybody know what is causing this, or have a workaround?
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