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  2. verification of WMS

    How can we verify the wms models? We couldn't model the parking lot and open book experimental model with WMS for its verification. 1)Anybody can help us to model these Geometries as watershed? 2)How can we verify the software? Have you any idea about this?
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  4. Index is out of range

    I have had a similar error return when mapping coverages to MODFLOW. I'm waiting for technical support to reply, but it is an error that takes a while to reproduce due to the large model.
  5. Importing AHGW stratigraphic model

    Hi again Continued trying and managed to get the tool to run using the input shown below. However, I didn't get points with horizon elevations as I was hoping. In stead, I got the table shown at the bottom. Again, any ideas will be most appreciated.
  6. Importing AHGW stratigraphic model

    Hi Alan I guess the tool I need to use is the "Transform XS2D Lines to Points" tool. However, I failed to run it successfully. I set it up as shown below. What have I got wrong there? Thanks
  7. Importing AHGW stratigraphic model

    Thanks Alan Now I have my cross sections (2 & 3 D). How can I use them to create rasters? Thanks
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  9. Index is out of range update

    Hello Jack Grayson, Excuse me that I did not send you the model with the issue. However, I can give you a very simple example attached in this message. First, please open the project named “index_is_out_of_range_test.gpr” which is a transient state with 50 stress periods. When you will try to convert the conceptual model Map -> MODFLOW, you will get the error message Index is out of range. Now open the other project named “Index_is_out_of_range_solution” which is also a transient state but with only 5 stress periods. Here you can map the conceptual model to grid mudflow without any problem. Thank you for your replay. Test_index_is_out_of_range.rar solution_index is out of range.rar
  10. Index is out of range

    Khaled, We noticed that you did not contact Technical Support with respect to this issue you were having. Were you able to resolve the problem? If not we invite you to contact Technical Support at support@aquaveo.com to try and resolve the problem. We would be interested in getting a copy of your files which you are able to replicate the error message with so that we can investigate the cause.
  11. Error when trying to get map data

    I just want to post an update to this original problem. I've updated the files to be placed in your "Program Files\WMS 10.1 64-bit" directory to fix this problem. The new update uses the Google Maps API and does not bother you about updating the registry if you're not able to update the registry the first time running the application. This is our long-term solution to the problem and the update will probably not change from here. You can still wait until WMS is updated and install the update or just put the updated files in your directory. The updated files can be downloaded here: https://filecloud.aquaveo.com/index.php/s/XhHgQwyq1ybYyF7 You need the password for the update, which is "vearth". Let me know if you have any further questions about this issue. Chris
  12. Hello, I built a model with Streams (SFR2) and lakes (LAK3). I know that, until now, GMS cannot automatically connect SFR2 with LAK3 when converting the conceptual model from Map ->MDFLOW. As a workaround, we edit the OUTSEG and INSEG IDs of the SFR2 manually using the negative lake IDs (after the performing a Map-> MODFKOW conversion). The problem is that, although the segment numbers are correct, I still get Error Messages when I run the Model Checker as shown in the figure below. Is there any possibility to remove this error message from model checker? Thank you
  13. Importing AHGW stratigraphic model

    I would start here: http://gmstutorials-10.3.aquaveo.com/StratigraphyModeling-HorizonsWithRasters.pdf
  14. Errors in risk analysis of stochastic modeling

    Hi, can you be more specific? Do you mean you cannot continue completing the risk analysis and it was interrupted by the "error" information? If so, maybe try to use the new version of GMS. I upgraded to the latest version (GMS10.2? maybe) and the problem was solved. Of course, you need to make sure there are no other errors with the model you built. Hope it can give you some idea to solve the problem. Cheers!
  15. Errors in risk analysis of stochastic modeling

    LeoCN-IL, did you ever figure out why you were getting the modpath error message. I am encountering the same error.
  16. Hi there What's the most efficient way to export a stratigraphic model built in AHGW into GMS to be used as solids? Thanks
  17. Hi there I think the easiest way to incorporate a stratigraphic model built in AHGW into GMS is through rasters. Any practical advice on how to do this? Thanks
  18. Can SWMM routing the Channel inside a basin ?

    SWMM manual say's that: An idealized sub catchment is conceptualized as a rectangular surface that has a uniform slope and a width W that drains to a single outlet channel.Each sub catchment can be further divided into three sub areas: an impervious area with depression (detention) storage, an impervious area without depression storage and a pervious area with depression storage. Only the latter area allows for rainfall losses due to infiltration into the soil. SWMM claims that visualize the sub-basin as v-shape basin but can't model an idealized sub-basin simply. I am searching a method to define an idealized sub-basin. I will find it ... I know. Regards
  19. I should be using a lateral inflow in a channel routing in HEC-HMS. I applied two planes as my sub-basins and defined a sub-collector.The outflow from the planes is applied to the sub-collector as lateral inflow. until now everything is ok .but HEC-HMS has no routing method parameter for sub-collector. manual says that the surface runoff on the two planes is ALWAYS routed using the kinematic wave method.however, we have the choice of using another method.still, I have no problem.my problem is beginning from this point that I have to fill the information about collector and channel. my model has not any channel or collector. Best Regards,
  20. Can SWMM routing the Channel inside a basin ?

    I think so .we can't create an SWMM model without links and nodes.both of them is necessary. Regards,
  21. Creat Model of Exprimental Watershed(chow 1974)

    Thank Chris, I was trying WMS to modeling an Idealized watershed in last week. I found out many points and your helping was relatively successful. but I still could not model it. because is very simple and tiny and sensitively. i'm here to continue and try more and more. thank a lot, Best Regards,
  22. Can SWMM routing the Channel inside a basin ?

    I'm not a SWMM expert, but there is no way to handle channel routing inside a basin that I can think of. When using the interface in WMS, I think you need an outlet point to build your model and export it to the SWMM model.
  23. Creat Model of Exprimental Watershed(chow 1974)

    Are you delineating the watershed using a TIN? This option is not recommended and is not really tested anymore, so it is not supported. The error message means you can't create a max flow distance arc for your watershed without a DEM. If you don't need this max flow distance arc for computing Tc, you should be OK.
  24. Creat Model of Exprimental Watershed(chow 1974)

    The most accepted way of computing the Tc for use with the Rational method is a method where you define the longest flow path in your basin and then divide your flow path into 3 separate equations: one segment for sheet flow (usually about the first 30 meters or so) one segment for shallow concentrated flow (where the flow does not combine into a channel) and one segment for channel flow. That's probably what was used to compute the Tc values in that tutorial. There's a tutorial called "Time of Concentration Calculations and Computing a Composite CN" that should help you with computing a Tc using this method. Hope this helps, Chris
  25. we should add an option to adding and Editing the fields in coverages .until now we were very dependent to Arc GIS to create shape files and define any field to coverage. we should remove 'Add shape files' from WMS modeling processes. this is an unnecessary step in modeling. Any type of coverage has a specific field related to it .we should add fields related to coverage when a coverage has created.
  26. By Rational Method we can build hydrologic Basin and compute subbasin flow as well SWMM can run the flow through the Storm Drain and watch the routing in channels . 1) can we route channel inside a Basin? 2) can we use Rational Method without define outlet point(point) ? can we identify the channel ( Arc ) as output of basin ?
  27. Creat Model of Exprimental Watershed(chow 1974)

    I looked on tutorials and have created my simple Experimental Watershed as well as demonstrated in Attach file moreover I defined a TIN with XYZ survey point and triangulate it. But the message in the result shows that I need a DEM to generate max flow. Is this message a default Error ?Can I ignore this message and go on?
  28. Flood Control is the technique or practice of preventing or controlling floods with dams, artificial channels,LID metods , etc (Best Perfomance Drainage )

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