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  2. Petra Furychova

    Transient spatially distributed recharge

    Hi Alan, could I ask if this feature is now included in the recently upgraded version 10.4? Thanks
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  4. Bruce Napier

    UNIQUEID Table

    Excellent!! Great advice. Thanks Doug
  5. Ialadines

    Exporting Results to a GIS?

    Hey modeling gurus, I am at a part of the modeling where I would like to be able to export my results from the program into ArcMap so that I can preform a more comprehensive analysis. Because I am working with sediment transport I would like to be able to do some raster calculations with the original bathymetery and the post modeling bathymetery. Is there a way to pull the information out to do this type of analysis? Ive noticed in the results section that the Erosion Depth, for example, has three different export options: Binary, ASCII and XMDF. The first two options only contain a single line of text which doesnt seem particularly helpful and im not sure if the last option is useable . Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! thanks, Isaac
  6. Ialadines

    Sediment Materials Layer: How does Armoring Work?

    "Armoring is part of the modeling results. For example, if 5 size classes are chosen, only the first 3 finer classes are eroded under certain conditions and the two coarser ones are not movable based on the selected sediment transportation equation." This quote was directly from Dr. Yong Lai (creater of the program) in an email I had sent to him. However, shortly after I ended up not needing to worry about this mechanism as we were able to obtain a singular representative gradation curve for the modeling site. Hope this may help any who come across this in the future!
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  8. Doug Gallup

    UNIQUEID Table

    Are you giving the tool a valid path to the UniqueID table you wish to create? It would help to see the text above the red text in your attached screenshot. If you simply pop open the Create Unique ID Table tool and run it without changing anything, you'll get the same error as you show. What you need to make sure is that you browse to an existing g eodatabase, and inside the geodatabase, give it the name of the table you want. Click on the "open" button in red below to specify where to create the table: Browse to an existing geodatabase (below, shows a new file geodatabase), and enter the name you want to give the table, then you can run the tool. If you just open the tool, and run it without giving a proper path for the table, as shown below, you'll get the same error you showed:
  9. Bruce Napier

    UNIQUEID Table

    When attempting to use the "Assign HydroID GW" tool, there is an error message saying . Then, when attempting to create a UniqueID Table using the "Create Unique ID Table" tool, the following error message is returned: I'm just getting started with AWGW and this seems like a pretty basic error. What am I missing? Cheers Bruce Napier
  10. Matt_Bilskie

    Windows 10 and 4K Display

    Good afternoon, I am having some "issues" with Windows 10 and a 4K display while using SMS. When launching SMS everything is very very small. In order to increase the size of everything I had to change the Compatibility settings and set the "override high dpi scaling behaviour" to "system." Although everything is larger the SMS window is now not as crisp and fuzzy. Is there a way to scale SMS directly for 4K displays rather than using the Windows 10 compatibility mode? Thank you. -Matt
  11. waterrocks

    SMS SRH2d missing entries - wrong number of N values?

    It worked! I misunderstood you at first, but I reduced the number of vertices where I could to simplify the material polygons. Thank you!
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  13. Fahad

    ADCIRC SWAN coupling in SMS

    Yes you are right. Hopefully one day it will happen. Can be a really nice feature in SMS if ADCIRC+SWAN is available.
  14. Donald Hendon

    ADCIRC SWAN coupling in SMS

    I could be out-of-date, but SWAN is not compatible with SMS. At least it did not used to be when I was using it.
  15. Donald Hendon

    SMS SRH2d missing entries - wrong number of N values?

    I am not talking about the BC. Redistribute the vertices in your material coverage arcs.
  16. Hi everyone, I am trying to couple adcirc+swan in unix environment. I am not familiar with this OS and having lots of difficulties. Is there anyway to couple adcirc+swan in SMS interface. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. TIA -Fahad
  17. waterrocks

    internal sinks?

    I found in the Srh2D manual that positive values leave the mesh and negative values enter the mesh.
  18. waterrocks

    internal sinks?

    Hello I had a general question on using internal sinks. If you want it to function as a sink do you enter the flow value as negative? The wiki page suggests that all values must be real positive integers, yet that would not allow a sink to also be a source, as the wiki suggests. I am trying to model a diversion that takes a certain amount of flow from the main river. Thanks to all!
  19. waterrocks

    SMS SRH2d missing entries - wrong number of N values?

    Thank you for your message. I did not have any extra vertices along any of the boundary condition arcs. Any other ideas?
  20. Chase Barbarick

    PreSRH-2D Error: .h5 file not found

    I am having the same error if someone can help that would great.
  21. Donald Hendon

    SMS SRH2d missing entries - wrong number of N values?

    I have had this error before. It appears that your channel arc was from an elevation contour? Redistribute the vertices to have less along the arc. That should fix your problem. Please let me know if it works or not.
  22. Hello fellow water modelers Today SMS and SRH2D have given a new error to work through. It says "wrong number of entries N_values" (see below). I checked the materials coverage and rebuilt/renumbered the polygons. I also double checked the boundary arcs and I am not seeing what is going on. Any help would be appreciated:)
  23. Hydrology

    Animation over multiple Model Runs

    Thanks, that is what I ended up doing after tech support pointed me in the right direction. So far it seems to be working, although the AVI files are coming up with different horz and vert values, so i can't combine them. I am going to try and generate them again, being vary careful not to change the plan view window in the GMS interface. I think that the AVI size is set by your window size, so if you change or move your GMS window, the video size changes.
  24. Michal

    Animation over multiple Model Runs

    Hi, I think it is not directly posible through MODFLOW, but maybe you could create the second drawdown dataset in postprocessing using GMS data calculator. Just compute difference in head between the first timestep of the first simulation and the transient head dataset of the second sim. That should be the drawdown you are looking for.
  25. Hydrology

    Animation over multiple Model Runs

    Hi, I am trying to make an animation of drawdown contours that spans several models. The first model is a transient run from Time-1 to Time-2 and reflects a specific model condition. I then duplicate that gms model and remove a barrier. I then run this second model in transient mode from Time-2 to Time-3. The starting gw level for the second model is set at the 3d surface of the last step from the first model. I can create animations for each of the two models and merge them together. This works fine for actual gw elevation contours, but it does not for drawdown contours, because the drawdown for model 2 starts at the starting gw for the second model, not the starting gw of the first model. It need to have the second model calculate the drawdown from the starting gw of the first model for the drawdown contours to be continuous between the two models. Is there any way to get the second model to use the first models starting gw elevation for the drawdown calculations. Any help would be appreciated.
  26. The WMS software developers are excited to announce that the beta version of WMS (11.0) is available for download! The final version will be available sometime in the next couple of weeks.  A detailed list of the new features available in WMS 11.0 is located on the following web site: https://www.xmswiki.com/wiki/WMS:What's_new_in_WMS_version_11.0 Enjoy! Chris
  27. Chris Smemoe

    SMPDBK Cross Sections Error

    I just noticed your response. There are a couple of things you can do to get a better result. One is to increase the number of cross sections in your model so you have more data points and get better interpolation when you do the floodplain delineation. The other thing you should always do is to add additional solution points by interpolating between the existing solution points along the river of interest and add additional solution points along each of the cross sections in your model.
  28. Lalith

    SEAWAT in Modflow-NWT

    Update about this situation. Aquaveo technical assistance confirmed that SEAWAT in GMS is compatible only for modflow2000. In modflow-NWT and modflow2005 there is a package for saline intrusion (SWI2 under additional packages) but its more 2D and is not as sophisticated as SEAWAT.
  29. Jagadeesh

    How to see the default Storativity?

    Hey, I am new to GMS! I need to find the default Storativity that GMS assigns to my confined model! How can I see it?
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